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Owner and Principal Stylist Dorys Foltin

Owner and Principal Stylist Dorys Foltin

Maleana Cosmetics
Hawaii's elite styling studio
Serving all Hawaiian islands, New York and Europe

About Maleana Cosmetics

Fresh back from a work trip in Vienna, Austria Dorys is excited to share her new inspirations with you. Dorys and her team are passionate and talented professional make-up artists and hair stylists who connect people with fashion and beauty beyond their expectations. We are highly committed to our quality of work. Dorys has over 20 years of make-up, hair styling, photography and leadership experience, well-honed make-up techniques and has successfully built and maintained strong customer relationships with a deep clientele network in New York, Hawaii and Vienna.

What differentiates us

Dorys and her team really listens to what makes you feel beautiful and she pairs that with her talented eye for beauty and you leave feeling empowered and beautiful inside and out. Dorys also created a professional cosmetic line offering quality products that deliver long lasting results and will remain durable in hot, humid and all other inhibiting weather conditions.

How we were trained

Dorys brings over 20 years and extensive industry experience to her business. She has worked high profile jobs such as working on photo shoots for Vogue Sposa, styled celebrities such as Michelle Wie, Samuel Jackson, Tori Spelling, Maria Menunous, Shannen Doherty, being featured in Wedding Magazines (Knot, Grace Ormonde..), participating in fashion week in Honolulu, and various jobs in the entertainment industry. She continues to perfect her craft by collaborating with some of the most celebrated industry professionals, participating at beauty expos, attending art events and travelling the world.

Why we love what we do

Dorys and her team brings both extensive experience and passion to her business. She loves working in the fashion industry and educating her clients about the latest trends and styles. Dorys is always staying ahead of the curve, attending the top fashion events in NY and Vienna.